driving the connection between people and the joys of cannabis


stay on track with real time access to your sales data, field & trade activations and marketing tools using our robust systems offerings

portfolio sales

we help brands sell-in and sell-through. we'll plan and execute comprehensive route-through market plans using our strategic brand managers, experienced sales team, extensive systems, distribution services and more.

pilot program​​

just getting started? our pilot program was created for brands in early development. pilot will allow you to meet with buyers for real-time feedback on product quality, experience, pricing, and market viability. learn more about how we can ramp up your early sales cycle with pilot.
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field and trade

engage consumers at retail and beyond. with a statewide field and trade marketing team, and a deep background in experiential activations, we bring your brand to life with in-store demos, events, budtender trainings, merchandising, staff appreciation drops, budtender incentive programs, and much more. this program is available ala cart to brands so reach out and we can develop a custom program that works for your brand.
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