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Petalfast Field Marketing team employs an extensive network of field marketing assistants that are trained to build brands at the retail level and beyond.

Whether your needs include staffing, scheduling, and executing retail demos, staff training, event staffing, or merchandising, we’ve got you covered. All of our services are tied together by industry leading reporting and analytics to ensure that the feedback loop is closed, providing you with the insights and metrics you need to inform your strategy in a challenging marketplace.

brand activation and staffing

Our team of field marketers, along with an extensive network of brand ambassadors, can help build your brand at retail and beyond. Staffing & execution capabilities include but are not limited to Retail, Demos/PADs/Pop-Ups, In-store presence, retail staff trainings, event staffing


Our team can support your merchandising needs through Merchandising surveys at designated accounts, Placing pre-approved merchandising items at stores and conducting periodic check-ins to ensure brand standards are maintained

reporting and analytics

Petalfast provides detailed recap reports and analytics for all field + trade marketing services, powered by our partner PINATA. This enables us to track consumer insights and trends, Pinpoint asset needs, and Tailor our efforts to help optimize programming within the retail space